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Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

The presidential election season is here and the financial markets are heating up. At TorOption you get the latest news info, trading alerts and special webinars dedicated to teaching you how to trade during this election season. Be sure to sign up today and take advantage of all of the profitable trading opportunities that come your way.


Get Your Calendars Ready

On November 8, 2016 the United States will elect a new president. So far, the presidential campaign has been more about personal attacks and rhetoric, then on actual politics and economics, but nonetheless the financial markets are starting to heat up. Things will start really moving on September 26, as the candidates square off in the first of three scheduled face-to-face debates.

The Financial Market Impact

Considered to be one of the most contentious election seasons in history, the battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has the potential to shake up the financial markets. Here’s how:

Trump’s controversial political and economic ideas have already caused an immense volatility in the financial markets. With high corporation taxes in order to encourage companies such as Apple to keep their operations at home and hostile trade tariffs towards countries like China, the Forex and equity markets are already quite volatile.

Hillary Clinton benefits from the support of the Wall Street, which of course gives her a big advantage. It also acts like a catalyst for keeping the financial markets stable. On the other hand, her recent scandals that she’s been involved in diminish her authority and bring a dose of uncertainty to the Democratic Party and her chances as a whole.

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