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Trade Follow

Want to trade binary options but have very little spare time at your hands?
With TradeFollow you can easily capitalize and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way even when you are not there. With this sophisticated trading platform, binary options trading becomes even simpler and more efficient.

This highly exclusive platform enables you to easily follow and copy the moves of our most profitable traders from all over the world. With just a simple click you can literally copy and replicate their winning trades.

No matter what level trader you are or whether or not you have a lot of time at your disposal TradeFollow is the perfect add-on that is sure to enhance your trading



To take advantage of this entirely FREE feature, just follow these 4 simple steps:

1.Open your free trading account

2. Access the Trade Follow platform and choose the asset you want to trade or follow

3. Find the best traders you wish to follow, and open the same positions using these conditions:
– Select the amount of time you wish to follow (1 day or up to 1 year)
– Choose how much you want to invest per trade
– Define your total investment limit or select No Limit

4.Click “Follow” and your results will automatically be emailed to you.

Start now and never miss another trading opportunity by following our top traders!