13:46:06 GMT / 22 June 2016
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LITECOIN 44.9400 14:00 23.07BITCOIN 2754.000 14:00 23.07LITECOIN 44.7209 13:00 23.07BITCOIN 2736.333 13:00 23.07LITECOIN 43.8671 12:00 23.07BITCOIN 2694.187 12:00 23.07TADAWUL 7263.540 11:20 23.07LITECOIN 44.2393 11:00 23.07BITCOIN 2706.201 11:00 23.07LITECOIN 44.5094 10:00 23.07BITCOIN 2742.446 10:00 23.07DUBAI 3598.610 10:00 23.07DUBAI 3605.370 09:30 23.07KUWAIT 6774.310 09:20 23.07LITECOIN 44.4790 09:00 23.07BITCOIN 2741.297 09:00 23.07DUBAI 3603.160 09:00 23.07DUBAI 3607.910 08:30 23.07LITECOIN 44.1733 08:00 23.07BITCOIN 2713.977 08:00 23.07DUBAI 3603.580 08:00 23.07DUBAI 3596.230 07:30 23.07BITCOIN 2772.836 07:00 23.07LITECOIN 46.5597 04:00 23.07BITCOIN 2858.404 02:00 23.07BITCOIN 2847.337 22:00 22.07BITCOIN 2812.812 21:00 22.07BITCOIN 2828.631 20:00 22.07BITCOIN 2799.755 19:00 22.07

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Economic calendar

Stay up to date with all that is going on in the markets with our economic calendar.

Using the economic calendar as a trading tool is an integral way to pinpoint key trading opportunities, thereby increasing your profit potential.

Binary Academy

We take pride in making binary options accessible for everyone.

This is why we created the TorOption Binary Academy consisting of numerous video tutorials, eBooks and many other educational materials.


Start honing your trading skills with our FREE webinars given by binary trading professionals.

Designed with you in mind, our easy-to-follow webinars cover everything, spanning from an introduction to binary options to developing the most effective trading strategies.

Daily Market Review

Having proper information at your fingertips is crucial when it comes to making the very best trading decisions. TorOption’s comprehensive daily market reviews are a perfect resource for successful binary options trading.

Our reviews will help you hone in on the key developments that are occurring on a day-to-day basis so you can make the most informed decisions. As the markets are constantly on the move, be sure to read our daily market review at the start of every trading day so you know what to be aware of when you are trading.

Our Lowest Spreads/Real
time Spreads

Trading Binary Options is exciting and there is a lot of economic data from around the world to look at in order to help you invest effectively. Here we will provide expert technical analysis on Forex Currency Pairs, Stocks, Futures and Commodities from Indices on all the Financial Markets worldwide.

With our expert analyst recommendations, you’ll be able to understand where to place your trades and what assets will be the most profitable for you. We have all the Moving Averages and Indicators you will need, without you having to read through complex Wall Street information to understand what investments are likely to give you the best returns.

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This Week’s Top Trades

1 George C. 4,906,390  EUR/USD  Pairs
2 John S. 4,718,230  EUR/USD  Sixty Seconds
3 Anatoli B. 3,547,250  EUR/JPY  Sixty Seconds
4 Razvan F. 2,987,410  AUD/USD  Ladder
5 Lucas T. 2,832,410  EUR/USD  Pairs

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