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Trump’s Inauguration is Here. Are You Ready?


Ready or not here comes Donald Trump’s inauguration.

In just two days, come Friday, January 20 President elect Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Trump’s inauguration will officially mark the start of a new political and diplomatic era, something that many in the U.S. and abroad were not expecting. To cap it all off, according to yesterday’s CNN poll, the president elect has an approval rating of just 40 percent and a whopping disapproval rating of 52 percent. Trump’s inauguration approval rating is sharply lower than any incoming US president in modern history.

Rocky transition period

Chaotic and unorthodox are two good words to describe the transition leading to Trump’s inauguration is. Since his election there have been questions over conflicts of interests, controversial cabinet appointments, feuds with the media, unconfirmed accusations that Russia interfered with the election process, and ties to Vladimir Putin

How will the U.S. economy fare?

Americans are sharply divided about whether President elect Trump’s policies will lead the country in the right direction. In the same CNN poll 48 percent of the participants indicated that Trump’s policies will bode well for the U.S. while 49 percent stated that they will not. However, to most Americans it is his economic policies that are what’s most important.

A number of leading economists believe that Trump’s economic policies has the potential to get the economy growing to a maintainable three percent annual rate compared to the dismal 1.8 percent rate. Although the exact details of his economic policies continue to remain broadly unknown, a blend of regulatory reforms, wide-based tax reform, infrastructure and increased military spending has the ability to boost the economy.

Job growth can cure all

Without a doubt job growth is what will win over some of Trump’s most ardent skeptics and further validate those who elected him. As Trump’s inauguration draws closer companies such as Walmart stated that it will create over 10,000 U.S. jobs this year. Others looking to fend off public criticism from the Trump administration concerning U.S. job losses reversed their plans and decided keep manufacturing on U.S. soil. Additionally, General Motors is widely expected to announce that it will invest over $1 billion across a number of U.S. factories.

With all of the craziness that is surrounding Trump’s inauguration it is natural for people around the world to feel apprehensive. Will Trump prove the skeptics wrong? Ready or not, here he comes.

Q4 Earnings Season: What you need to know


Is this earnings season the start of something special?

The last earnings season under the Obama era is officially underway and is ushering in an era of greater prospects amid hopes the incoming president elect’s policies will drastically improve profits. Without a doubt upcoming profit results are very important, as the stock market has jumped considerably since Election Day, with the Dow Jones approaching the 20,000 point landmark. Just yesterday on January 10, the NASDAQ hit a record high, prolonging its impressive bullish run as stocks in the healthcare sector rose for the sixth straight time, marking an impressive start to the US earnings season.

Profit Growth is on the Rise

The so-called “profits recession” concluded in the middle of 2016 and overall outlook is on the up-and-up. Companies listed on the S&P 500 are expected to post fourth quarter profits over six percent. This is in fact faster than the 4.3% third quarter growth. Overall outlook for fiscal 2017 is even more optimistic, with numerous analysts predicting nearly 15% profit growth in Q1 and 12% in Q2.

Energy & Financial Sectors Lead the Way

Two influential sectors are responsible for driving this bullish fourth quarter earnings season: energy and financials. Energy is expected to post a 1.2% profit growth, its first positive quarter in over a year and up from a devastating 68% fall in Q3 2016. Within the financial sector, earnings are forecasted to jump 16%, more than doubling growth from Q3. We will soon find out come Friday, when J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and Bank of America Corp present their earnings reports.

Future Tax Reform is a Must

Incoming President Donald Trump has promised a lot of things but not all of them have to occur in order for earnings to improve and share prices to rise. Just reducing the corporate tax rate will facilitate growth. If Trump follows through we may see a period of unprecedented growth.

Biggest Retail Sales Day isn’t Black Friday


Nothing beats this retail sales day

You all know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These two days receive all the attention as being the two most important retail sales days of the year. However, the biggest day for retail sales, hands down is Super Saturday (December 17), the last full Saturday of shopping before the Christmas holidays.

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Will the Fed Hike the Interest Rates?


To raise or not raise the interest rate?

Today at 19:00 GMT (2 p.m. EST) the Fed will announce its last interest rate decision of the year at its FOMC Meeting. With most analysts believing the Fed will raise the interest rate by a quarter percentage point a pertinent question must be addressed: Is it a good idea?

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What the ECB Interest Rate Decision Means


What you need to know about the ECB Interest Rate Decision.

On Thursday, December 8, 12:45 GMT, the European Central Bank (ECB) will announce its interest rate decision followed by the all-important press conference given by ECB head Mario Draghi. Although the consensus thought is that the interest rate will remain the same, it will be quite interesting to see whether Draghi takes a dovish or hawkish sort of stance. Though, if there is a surprise message in the announcement then market volatility is sure to follow.

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Will the Renzi referendum help the Italian banks?


How will the Renzi Referendum impact Italy’s economy?

A vote against the Renzi Referendum, initiated by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s could potentially spell disaster for the country’s banking sector, Eight of Italy’s most important banks are at significant risk.

To better understand the context and the story behind it, let’s start from the beginning.

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Do you know the best Cyber Monday deals?


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What are the best Black Friday deals?


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Is Tesco in Jeopardy?


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