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Account verification

In order to verify your account we ask that within 48 hours of funding your account, send us the compliance documents by email to: Compliance@toroption.email

These documents can be sent to us in either a PDF or JPEG file.

They must be clear, easy to read and in color.

These documents are important for us to have in order to verify your identity and protect against fraud. Your documents are safe and secure with us.

They are kept in an internal server and only the accounting department has access to these documents. The following is a listing of the required compliance documents:

1.    A copy of an official Identification document: Any government issued ID, Driver’s license, passport, etc. Containing: Full name and up to date photo, date of birth, current address, date of expiry. All the edges must be visible.

2.     A copy of Proof of Address: A Bill (Phone/ Bank/ Utility/ Insurance) containing: full name, current address, date of issue. Please make sure the bill is of the past 3 months. Any older bills will not be approved.

3. If you deposit funds into your account using a credit/debit card, we require a color copy of the front and back of it. Front copy should include: Full name, the first 6 and last 4 digits (Please cover the middle 6 digits), expiry date. Back copy should include: Your signature (Please cover the CVV code). Credit Card copies without a signature will not be approved.
All the edges of the card must be visible, and it must be clear to read.

4.    Signed Declaration document. As part of a standard procedure, any client using a credit / debit card, is obligated to provide a signed Declaration form in order to confirm his/hers transactions. Filled and signed Declaration document must be sent to the company’s email address at Compliance@toroption.email along with a set of documents required for verification.

Click here to download Declaration document

This is a onetime process. Once your documents have been approved you will receive a confirmation e-mail validating your account.

If you use a new credit/debit card to make a deposit we ask that you send us a color copy of the new card as soon as possible.

We do ask that the address on your ID and the address on your utility bill be the same. If this is not the case we will need to confirm with you the reason for this discrepancy.